Mother vows to make her son's dream come true after tragic crash

Prescott Goodwin
Prescott Goodwin
One of the fundraiser signs.
One of the fundraiser signs.
Chrystal Goodman
Chrystal Goodman

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After losing her young son in a tragic accident in June, a Kentuckiana mother is now finding her strength through friends, faith and fundraising.

Kids come from all over Kentuckiana to try out Louisville's Extreme Park because they don't have a safe place to test their bike and skateboarding tricks in their hometowns.  But, one area mom is working to change that, in her son's memory.

"He was very thoughtful, he loved animals and he took friendship very seriously," said Chrystal Goodman of her son Prescott.

The 15-year-old was dedicated to many things in his young life but his mom tells WAVE 3 News, riding his bike topped Prescott's list." Prescott lived for this passion," she said.

Prescott was killed doing what he loved this summer when a car crashed into his bike near the Kroger in Mount Washington.  Police say it was so dark the night he was killed, driver and rider likely didn't see each other.

The day before his death, Prescott spotted a sign for an extreme park while on a family trip. Chrystal remembered, " I wouldn't stop when we were going through this small town, " she said, " I wouldn't stop because as a mother we were on a time schedule."

That day stays fresh in Chrystal's mind, "when he left my world, I knew right then, this is what I wanted to do."

Chrystal is now a mom with a mission.

With countless volunteers like the folks at Shack in the Back Barbeque in Fairdale, Chrystal is raising thousands of dollars to build a safe outlet for kids in Bullitt County who love bikes and skate boards.

"Everything is a divine circle and I know we were brought out to Mount Washington for a reason," she said of raising money for the cause.

Two of Prescott's best friends are helping raise funds for the Prescott Goodman Bikes with Wings Foundation because he always talked about having his own extreme park and because they miss him. "When I first found out, I really didn't believe it," said friend Nathan Leslie, "and I still kind of don't believe it."

Another friend Brandon Eschman told WAVE 3 of Prescott, "He was always joyful and if you we're having a bad day, he was the only one who could cheer you up."

Chrystal told us, "Every time I leave the house I ask Prescott to come be my co-pilot, to come and see what we're doing," she continued, "I think he is."

The foundation raised more than $11,000 in it's first fundraiser alone.

Chrystal tells WAVE she just got a big donation of items from the foundation of skateboard legend Tony Hawk.

The Mount Washington Mayor is working with the foundation to move the plan forward. If you'd like to help you can donate to the Prescott Goodman Bikes with Wings Foundation at any PNC bank.

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