Thomas Freese: Shaker Spirits, Shaker Ghosts

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Author Thomas Freese has a thriving visual arts career, an artistic residency with the Kentucky Arts Council as well as being a well-known storyteller and has a Master's Degree in Expressive Therapies and is a Board Certified Art Therapist.

With all of these accomplishments and projects going on, you would think that writing a book would be out of the question. Well Freese has written not one, but five books. The latest, Shaker Spirits, Shaker Ghosts, chronicles the real experiences of the residents and visitors to Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

The book is packed with stories of ghost hunting investigations, walk through village reports from psychics and an interview with a Shaker scholar. "Ghostly singing" is heard in the Meeting House, children claim to be scared of moving tombstones in the graveyard, sprit figures walk the village lane and ghosts enter guest rooms.

Freese will be holding book signings October 25 at the Shelby County Library, November 3 and 4 at the Louisville Artisans Guild Holiday Showcase, November 9 at the Beaumont YMCA in Lexington, November 10 at the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort and November 30 and December 1 at the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church.

For more information visit his website.

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