Daughter runs for help when mother shot; Paying for the un-insured; Win an iPad

WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald
WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald

T.G.I.F. (Almost!)

It's Friday eve and I don't know about you but I'm ready for another weekend to arrive!  We've had such an eventful week – and it's not over yet.  We'll fill you in when you join Dawne Gee and me for WAVE 3 News at 5!

I was just talking to WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon about his story today – how very sad.  He was back in the Newburg neighborhood where a man died and a woman was hurt in what police say was an attempted murder-suicide.  Neighbors tell him the woman's daughter ran for help after her mother was shot.  He'll let you know what else he found out.

We're also taking a big step forward to get the Ohio River Bridges Project built.  Coming up, you'll hear who wants to tackle the task of getting it done.

And, you won't want to miss the latest investigation that WAVE 3'S John Boel did.  He'll show us how we're paying millions and millions of dollars for the uninsured to get healthcare … whether you have insurance for your family or not.  Make sure you don't miss his eye-opening story at 6.

Plus, you may have heard that we're giving you a chance to win a new iPad just for being a WAVE 3 viewer, our way of saying thanks to you.  Start watching at 5:00.  If you're the third caller, you win.

We'll see you then!

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