Mother hopes for arrest of daughter's killer

Cheryl Williamson
Cheryl Williamson
Donetta Williamson
Donetta Williamson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The mother of the WKU student who was murdered over the weekend is hoping her daughters killer is behind bars soon.

Cheryl Williamson, 24, was killed early Sunday morning after attending a party at the Gillespie on Market Street.

Louisville Metro Police Department Homicide Lt. Barry Wilkerson said there are no arrests in the case yet but, they are following up on some information.
Williamson's mother said she is hearing many rumors right now about why her daughter was shot. Still making sense of it all has been heart breaking for her.

"She should have been burying me, not me burying her," said Donetta Williamson.

Donetta said her daughter Cheryl came home from Western Kentucky University Saturday night. She made plans to go out with her friends to the Gillespie for a party. She now wishes her daughter would have gone with her gut feeling. Williamson said Cheryl really wasn't in the mood to go out because she didn't like her outfit.

"I told her she looked nice," said Williamson. "She went out the door she said I'll see you later. Next time I saw her she was dead."

Around 3:45 Sunday morning, Cheryl's friends said some type of fight took place outside the Gillespie between Cheryl and one or two men. One of them shot Cheryl in the torso. She was able to stumble to someone's car. They rushed her to university hospital. Cheryl died in surgery.

"Whoever did this to her was a coward," said Williamson. "Why did you have to shoot her?"

Kenyatta Drake is Cheryl's cousin. She said she's been to similar parties and more security needs to be in place.

"Anytime there is alcohol involved people can get stupid," said Drake. "And if you never check these 10-15 people one person might have a gun."

As for Donetta, she said her daughter worked hard to get to where she was. She had goals of a career in fashion and was set to graduate in May.

"She had a dream ya know," said Williamson. "She wanted to be something. She almost made it. Until that coward took her life."

A walk in Cheryl's memory is being held on December 2, the walk is also to bring awareness to club and venue violence. The walk will be begin at Floyd and Market and end at 5th and Market Streets near the Gillespie.

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