Tennessee fans react to Strong's decision

KNOXVILLE, TN (WAVE) – Many Universityof Tennessee fans were surprised by Charlie Strong's decision to stay inLouisville.

The school's fan base has been a vocalgroup during UT's search for a new head football coach.

"I don't understand how it didn'tget put together, you know, how a deal didn't get structured," one studentsaid.

So who should be the Volunteers' next coach?

"Really need a coach that's got agood background, that's got a winning record," said one fan.

"Someone that can compete withLSU or Alabama," said another.

Until the answer is made clear, fanson the UT campus continue to speculate.

"Everyone does. Just because they're afan, they think they're an expert," said a fan.

"Just get this whole thing over withso we can move onto something else."

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