Indiana and Kentucky transportation crews prepare for snow storm

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - This weather system moving into Kentuckiana will be impacting many who decide to hit the road, mainly affecting the Indiana area. Some Indiana counties will be under a blizzard warning for most of Wednesday.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is rolling out their crews before the storm hits.

"We've got crews that will be coming in early 7:00 this evening," said Greg Prince from INDOT. "We'll have a partial crew that will be patrolling the roadways loaded down with salt and ready for whatever conditions that happen at that time."

A full call out crew will be moving in around midnight.  INDOT says because rain is in the forecast, there isn't much they can do to pre-treat the roads in Southern Indiana.

"When we apply brine down to road many times when we get that rain before the storm it just washes it off," said Prince.

In a press release, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 5 says staff in Louisville are monitoring the weather forecasts for Christmas night into Wednesday morning.  Information provided by the National Weather Service predicts temperatures staying in the mid 30's overnight and precipitation will come in the form of rain.  The rain is expected to change to snow on Wednesday afternoon.

KYTC crews have not applied brine to area roadways since the rain would wash it away before any snow falls.  Staff will continue to monitor the weather overnight and should freezing temperatures and snow shift to the south, KYTC crews will be called in to treat area roadways.  All staff will report at their regular work schedule on Wednesday morning.  

Throughout the winter, District 5 has one salt truck in Jefferson County that patrols the elevated areas of I-64 along the Ohio River in downtown Louisville every morning prior to rush hour.   Ice has formed on this area of interstate in the past when temperatures get close to freezing.  Another problem area is Milton Hill on US 421 in Trimble County.  District 5 has a truck dedicated to patrolling that section of roadway leading down to the Milton-Madison Bridge.  

Motorists planning to travel on Christmas night are advised to keep an eye on evolving weather forecasts.  INDOT encourages holiday travelers to leave early to safely reach their destinations before the snow begins. Plan ahead by visiting or dialing toll-free 1-800-261-ROAD (7623) for updated Indiana travel information, including road conditions, road closures, construction information, crashes and other traffic alerts. INDOT asks drivers to promote their own safety and that of others by offering the following tips:

·    ACCELERATE GRADUALLY on ice or snow to avoid slipping and sliding

·    DRIVE SLOWLY and carefully to avoid rear-end collisions and sliding on curves

·    ALLOW GREATER DISTANCE behind the car ahead; it takes more time to stop on snow and    ice

·    BRAKE EARLY, break slowly, never slam on the brakes; if you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it; if you don't, gently pump the pedal

·    NO CRUISE CONTROL; avoid abrupt steering maneuvers

·    MAINTAIN GOOD VISIBILITY, stay alert and use your headlights so others can see you

·    GIVE SNOWPLOWS ROOM to operate; don't tailgate or try to pass

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