Suspected serial killer arrested in Louisville

Published: Jan. 9, 2013 at 2:58 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 23, 2013 at 4:08 AM EST
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Samual Little
Samual Little

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A homeless man living in Louisville has been connected to three cold case murders out of California from the 1980's.

Samual Little, 72, was arrested in September by U.S. Marshal Officers at Wayside Christian Mission.
Wayside officials said Little had been staying at the shelter only a few weeks. They said Little didn't cause problems while he was there. Authorities don't know what brought Little to Louisville. DNA evidence has him behind bars now.

"I think Samual McDowell, Samual Little is a monster,' said Los Angeles Police Detective Mitzi Roberts.

Little went by several different names over the years. He was known as a drifter, a career criminal who has been in trouble with the law in more than 20 states. He somehow made his way to Louisville and found shelter at Wayside Christian Mission.

"It is very unsettling, because in a homeless shelter you really don't know who is coming in," said Nina Moseley from Wayside.

L.A. Police suspected Little was in the Louisville area because his disability was being sent here. He was arrested at Wayside in September on an unrelated L.A. drug warrant from 2009 while detectives built their case.

"I think he was kind of stunned when he was arrested and he asked a few questions like what is going on," said U.S. Marshal Jim Clark.

Little waived extradition and was brought to Los Angeles in October. Monday he was charged with three murder cases, authorities suspect he could be a serial killer. His alleged crimes were sexually motivated strangulations, targeting women with high risk life styles, some of them prostitutes.

Detectives used DNA evidence to link Little to the cases. Little was accused to two murders and two attempted murders in Florida and Mississippi in the early 80's. Back then he was known as Samual McDowell. He avoided conviction in those cases.

Police are now investigating if he is connected to any other cases.

"There are no cases in the Kentucky area," said Clark. "He was mainly focused out in California. I guess as the investigation gets more in depth there may be other charges forthcoming."

Little is being held without bail in California.

Officials at Wayside said they do not do background checks on the clients they serve. To stay at the shelter all a person needs hey say all you is an ID, a TB card, and they make sure a client isn't on the sex offender registry.

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