Humana co-workers win $1 million in office lottery pool

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A group of Humana co-workers won $1 million in their office lottery pool. For more than five years, 29 of them contributed to a lottery fund when the jackpot hit more than $100 million.

Every person received a $29,700 cash payout after taxes.  However, not all of them who received a check pitched in money this time around. A few of the 'regulars' were out of town and one was attending a funeral. That didn't matter. The group voted to include the loyal lottery players who missed the one time they hit the big time.

They just received their $29,700 check. "Yesterday I called to schedule Lasik corrective eye surgery. I'm ready to go," Jessie Goodloe said.

Others are paying off debt and buying a new set of wheels.

"I'll probably pay off part of my mortgage," said Jyothi Nanjundappe. "Probably a new car!"

Jeremiah Jackson hasn't told his children, until now.

"I have grown kids," said Jackson, "So, I actually haven't told them yet that I was part of a group who won the lottery. I guess they'll find out soon!"

The group's $1 million numbers was just one digit off from winning the $208 million Powerball jackpot.

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