Stories of Finding Freedom

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The human spirit can never be enslaved. If you listen for it, you can hear the voice of freedom in your difficulties and opportunities. The joy of finding freedom in any circumstance is what makes the human spirit so incredible. That is the story that is being told right now at the Frazier History Museum's current exhibit Spirits of the Passage.

The Frazier History Museum is launching this new exhibition in celebration of Black History Month. It explores the circumstances of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the power of the human spirit. You can explore this important period in history now through June 16. Go to to find out more about the exhibition.

This history is a living story being played out in our lives every single day. We have included video examples of some of these stories. They are told by two local leaders who are authors of our history in Louisville. Watch these videos and challenge yourself to think of your own story of finding freedom.  There are stories playing out every day in your life that remind you that your spirit can't be shackled. It's how you use those moments to inspire generations to come that will determine your impact on history.

Be a part of this movement in our area. Tell your story of "finding freedom" in the comments section below. No matter how small, each story could inspire someone in a big way. Sometimes it's something you saw on the way to work today, the feeling you had with your family last night, or the person who had an impact on you last week. Think of how you found opportunity hiding in a difficult moment.

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