Rape fantasy, explicit photos lead to murder of Louisville man

Published: May. 8, 2013 at 9:41 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 22, 2013 at 9:52 PM EDT
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Lisa M. Shuler (Source: Floyd County Sheriff's Department)
Lisa M. Shuler (Source: Floyd County Sheriff's Department)
Charles Pierce (Source: Family Photo)
Charles Pierce (Source: Family Photo)
Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Explicit photos and a sexual fantasy led to the murder of a Louisville man. Court documents released on Wednesday revealed the possible reason a New Albany woman opened fire on a man and later lied to police.

Lisa Shuler, 31, initially told police that she shot the victim, Charles Pierce, 49, because he broke into her home. Police quickly learned that was not the case. Authorities said the two knew each other and court documents revealed Shuler invited Pierce over to her home on Wabash Avenue Monday night to play out a rape fantasy.

"This was a fairly quick episode that occurred between two consenting adults," said Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson.

Shuler told police that she left the front door unlocked and was doing dishes when Pierce got to the home. The role playing started with Shuler performing a sex act on Pierce in the living room. After performing the sex act, Shuler told police she thought that she did not want it to go any further. She did not tell Pierce to leave because he had explicit photos of her from previous sexual encounters. Shuler told police she didn't want her husband to find out about her relationship with Pierce.

"We don't know how many encounters they have had but, we do know that thy have some encounters previously," said Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills.

Shuler then told police that after performing the sex act she pulled out her gun.

"Multiple shots were fired the gun was emptied," said Henderson. "Mr. Pierce was killed with a .40 caliber handgun."

Shuler told police before Pierce got to her home, she deleted over 200 text messages from her phone and while she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher she tried to delete messages from his phone but couldn't.

On Tuesday, Pierce's mother, who has cancer, was struggling with the devastating loss of her son.

"I keep expecting him to walk on the door but, he's not going to come home," said Mildred Pierce.

Shuler will face her murder charge in court Thursday.

Shuler's husband who lives in Jefferson County, Indiana said he is in shock over all of this. Police said Shuler and her husband are separated.

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