Exclusive: Gouker talks about murder plot in prison interview

Published: Jun. 13, 2013 at 9:33 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 28, 2013 at 9:41 PM EDT
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Josh Gouker
Josh Gouker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The twisted story that led to a teenager's murder just got a little more bizarre.

Josh Gouker has already confessed to killing his stepson, Trey Zwicker. He's already tried to clear his own son for the same murder.

[RAW: Josh Gouker's prison interview]

In a prison interview, Gouker said there was another murder that was supposed to happen and it set the whole complicated saga in motion, "I just don't want people to think that it was all about Trey cause it wasn't."

When asked if he could understand why people thought that he replied, "Yeah, well I'm telling you, it wasn't."

Gouker said the 14-year-old boy, who he now admits to beating to death, really wasn't the target of his anger.

"Trey connected the people that I hated the most," he said, "Honestly I was just trying to get my parole reinstated where I could kill Amanda and just come back and own up to everything I did."

And he says another child, his son, Josh Young taking the blame for Zwicker's murder was never the long-term plan - killing his wife was, "I knew I was done. I wasn't going to make my son pay for something I did, but at the same time I just didn't feel like me and Amanda was even."

Gouker said he'd persuaded those closest to him to lie, to point the finger at Young for murder.

WAVE 3's Janelle MacDonald asked, "So you thought you were going to be able to pin this on josh and then clear him?"

Gouker explained, "Well I was going to come back and own up to everything. Once I killed Amanda, they'd know for sure that it was me at the time I had everybody fooled. They didn't know who did it."

He thought with his confession in May, Young would be in the clear, "I've thrown a monkey wrench over here, over here, over here, over here, over here and then when everybody thought they was going this way and this way and this way, I come out with the truth and they're mad about it."

But Gouker's truth has changed several times over the past two years and his son still faces a murder trial.

If he was trying to manipulate the system, it hasn't worked yet.

When asked what will happen if Young ultimately gets convicted because the state says he's going to trial Gouker responded, "Yeah, well I mean you can't prove that he did this or she did that when they didn't do it. So how you going to prove something that didn't happen. You can't."

Gouker thinks he has it worked out. He said he thinks there's a zero percent chance a jury will convict his son of murder. Only, in reality, it could happen. And in prison, his now ex-wife still haunts him "She's out there, she took a blow but she gets to go on and on and on that's where mine ends so she still wins."

Gouker feels like he's pretty smart, "To fool people sometimes that's easy. You just deal with dumber people."

Only this time, he may have outsmarted himself.

Prosecutors cannot comment on the case against Josh Young because he's going to trial in July.

Most of the evidence against him does come from witness statements, the same statements that Gouker now says were lies he made happen.

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