Tips to avoid becoming a mosquito magnet

Connie Mendel
Connie Mendel
Jed Turner
Jed Turner
Lindsey Little
Lindsey Little

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Do you have mosquito bites all over? All of that rain we had last week may have something to do with it. Some people are also mosquito magnets which makes this time of year even worse.

Jed Turner lives in the Highlands and has been bitten more than once.

"You get into the park and they are bad," said Turner.

"Itchy very aggressive, I've been swatting at them," said Louisville resident Lindsey Little.

We're seeing an increase of mosquitoes because of all that rain we've had last week.

Connie Mendel an environmental health administrator for the Metro Department of Health and Wellness said rain can be a good thing to get rid of mosquitoes, but too much rain can be a problem especially in areas that tend to flood. The southwestern part of the Metro has a lot of mosquitoes because of flooding problems.

"We set up traps, we look for increases in population of mosquitoes," said Mendel. "So, when those mosquito numbers increase, we know it's time to do some fogging."

So, the last thing you want to do is attract them.

"I've tried everything, someone told me red wine keeps them away," said Turner.

That actually does not help.

"I have seen some studies that alcohol can affect because that effects your body chemistry," said Mendel. "So, you may sweat a little bit differently. Your body temp may rise."

Another thing that may have you scratching - mosquitoes love it when you exercise.

"Heat so, it can be sweat or if you are a warm natured person," said Mendel.

Another mosquito magnet is pregnant women. They have higher body heat and exhale 21 percent more carbon dioxide

The blood suckers are also drawn to a certain blood type. There are studies if you are type O, you are more likely to be bit than type A. If you have type B blood, you are somewhere in the middle.

"There are over 175 known mosquito species," said Mendel.

What you wear can also attract them as well, they are drawn to darker colors.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?

"Wear insect repellants," said Mendel.

If you are out in the morning or evening, keep the repellant handy because that's when mosquitoes are most active. You can also apply repellant to clothing.

As far as West Nile, Public Health and Wellness said they have not seen any cases to date this season. Last year we did see seven cases in the Metro.

The Department of Public Health and Wellness has already been to several parts of the Metro to spray for mosquitoes. If you would like more information on fogging in the Metro, click here.

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