GE unveils 'Home of 2025'

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After months of research using expected future trends and advanced technology, innovators with General Electric Appliances unveiled HOME 2025 Thursday in Louisville.

Inside the Cressman Center Gallery, members of the GE Appliances Industrial Design Operations team led by manager Lou Lenzi presented visual concepts of their vision of HOME 2025.

HOME 2025 is an exhibit depicting the life stages and living spaces of the future as created by GE designers and engineers.

"We started the process actually by looking at what we call macro trends," said Lenzi. "These are high level looks at where we think society, culture, and technology is taking us in years to come."

The macro-trends consisted of: advances in food sciences, advanced materials, demographic shifts, ecological issues, energy efficiency, globalization, healthcare services and delivery, ubiquitous computing, and water scarcity.

From these macro-trends, four groups of GE industrial designers and engineers conceptualized the product needs of future millennial consumers based on fictional personas.

"One persona is a young couple just starting out their career," said Lenzi.

Based on the personas, the teams designed innovative home technology including plans for a in-kitchen 3-D printer capable of creating non-edible items on the spot.

"We want you to think, 'that's a crazy idea, but it's really cool'," said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer who attended the exhibit debut.

The mayor expressed excitement that the GE exhibit supports the Vision Louisville initiative to shape the look and feel of the city in years to come.

"The Vision Louisville project ties perfectly with what they're doing," began Mayor Fischer. "These breakthrough thoughts of how people are going to be living 10, 25, 50 years from now."

While many of the ideas presented in the gallery are still years from reality, GE innovators believe as long as their imagination is at work, just about anything is possible.

The exhibit will run through Saturday, August 31.