Couple accused of using child to steal from pastor

Kimberly Mills (Source: Shelby County Detention Center)
Kimberly Mills (Source: Shelby County Detention Center)
Allen Hamilton during his arraignment.
Allen Hamilton during his arraignment.
Pastor Richard Pearson
Pastor Richard Pearson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's bad when someone steals from a church. It's worse when they use their children to do their bad deeds. That's what police say a Louisville couple did.

It all happened June 23 at the Faith Community Church off Shelbyville Road. Pastor Richard Pearson was in his office getting ready for his service and was suddenly caught off guard.

"Her three year old daughter was standing about there and she had in her hand my billfold and credit cards," said Pearson. "I walk in hello, who are you, how can I help you, and what are you doing with my billfold? She gives it to her daughter and she said her daughter had taken it off my desk. After our little encounter here then I look in there and there is no money."

That's when Pearson said the woman took off with her daughter. Pearson followed her.

"She took off and went to the car where her accomplice boyfriend was with them," said Pearson.

Police say that woman who came into the church is Kimberly Mills, 26. The person Mills allegedly drove off with is Allen Hamilton, also 26. Hamilton was arrested on Tuesday and faced a judge on Wednesday. Louisville Metro Police say Hamilton admitted to driving Mills to churches to steal money. Their motivation - heroin.

"You have parents who would go to these lengths to involve their minor child to feed their habit it's a deplorable thing," said Dwight Mitchell, a LMPD spokesperson.

Pearson said he knew Mills looked familiar. He said she came to the church a few months ago needing help. Pearson gave her a Kroger gift card for gas and food.

After feeling frustrated over what happened, Pearson said it was his congregation that gave him the faith again that there is good in people. They all started up a collection and gave back the nearly $200 Mills allegedly took from him. In the end they gave back so much more.

"We really feel for her daughter and pray that there may be some help intervention," said Pearson.

Metro police said Mills and Hamilton are tied to at least six other church thefts in the area. In one case police say Mills racked up nearly $800 on a stolen credit card.

Mills is no longer behind bars. WAVE 3 News did speak with her, but she declined to go on camera.

Mills and Hamilton are both charged with burglary and unlawful transaction with a minor.

Thursday, the Spencer County Sheriff's office said the couple has been seen in their area pretending to be homeless and asking churches for cash. A warning was posted on the sheriff's office Facebook page warning residents to take extra precautions.

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