WAVE 3 CHEWS: Get ready for some tailgating with the Hard Rock Cafe!

Who's ready for some football?  I'm not the hugest sports fan...but I am a HUGE fan of tailgating. I like picnicking in general, add the festivities of game day and I'll be there. (Invites anyone?)

So when the Hard Rock Cafe Louisville's Chef Terry Moberly invited me over to his grill at Fourth Street Live! to give me some pointers on how to execute the perfect tailgate party, my answer was yes and how soon should I be there?

I got there, and he already had a table spread with burgers and his grill going.  Chef Moberly was cooking up Hard Rock Cafe's "Bourbon Teriyaki" Burger - Certified Angus Beef patty topped with bacon slices, crumbled blue cheese, bourbon grilled onions, made from scratch bourbon teriyaki glaze and melted jack cheese.  I got to try it, and I have to say, it was one of the best burgers I've had in awhile.  The Bourbon Teriyaki glaze is the brainchild of Hard Rock Louisville's kitchen supervisor Tobi White, bringing together Jim Beam bourbon, teriyaki sauce, garlic and jalepenoes, then cooking it down so it's thick so it really sticks to your sandwich.  It's a little sweet, but putting it together with the salty bacon and the blue cheese...yummo!

That was one of the big tips from Chef Moberly for making a great tailgate burger: if you're adding a sauce, make it thick so it will end up in your guests stomachs and not on their shirts.

Also he warns about over-flipping.  I am an over-flipper, and will now check myself at the grill.  Moberly says you should only be flipping your burger once...so let it cook well enough on one side before turning it over.  That means between 5-8 minutes on the first side, and 3-5 minutes on the other.

Finally Moberly says the thing tailgating cooks often over-look their buns...their hamburger buns (people!). He says toasting them makes even the simplest burger better.  So take those buns out of the package and throw them on the grill to get them good and toasty, before single-flipping your burger, and adding a nice, thick sauce....and enjoy!

Go Cards!