COPY-Jazzing up a child's lunch with healthy foods

(CNN) - School days are in full swing. And if you're a parent packing a meal for your kids, you know there are only so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you can make.

Children, especially those in school, need a variety of foods to keep them sharp. What kinds are best?

"Fruits, vegetables and sources of calcium," nutritionist Robyn Webb said.

Nutritionists say also include items that can spike up a humdrum lunch. Kids like creativity, even in their food.

"One thing you can do, you can cut the vegetables into neat shapes. I've got a fabulous little tool that costs two dollars in any kitchen shop," she said. "A little crinkle cutter. And it makes eating vegetables more enticing. "

And include these for mid day and late day snacks.

"Give them some dry fruits. Children love dry fruits. The mozzarella sticks, are perfect, they've always been great, toss those in," Webb said.

Webb said also have your children avoid sugar and white flour.

"You don't want your child to rely on fast food or refined foods," she said.

Packing healthy ingredients will not only keep a student's body strong, but will help your little Einstein work to his or hers fullest potential.

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