Louisville man is star of Hollywood movie filmed in town

David DeSanctis
David DeSanctis
Milan Chakraborty
Milan Chakraborty

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A part of the silver screen is shining the spotlight on Louisville. Production crews are out around town shooting for the inspirational movie "Produce" and a local man has the lead role.

"Produce" is a movie about a baseball player, Calvin, who had to retire from the sport early and moves back to his hometown. Calvin is down on his luck until his life is awakened and given a purpose by the most unlikely person, a guy with Down syndrome named Produce, who works in the produce market.

David DeSanctis, 21, a Ballard High School grad plays Produce in the movie.

"Produce is a Down syndrome person and is changing his life around showing him what life is really all about," DeSanctis said.

Producers of the film were flooded with recommendations of DeSanctis, who has Down syndrome, for the role, telling them, he's not a formal actor but he's a real-life Produce.

"They said that I've got a wonderful magical personality that can win people hearts over," said DeSanctis.

"He just has an over the top personality," said Milan Chakraborty, producer of the film.

The director and producers of the film liked the DeSanctis house and street so much they decided to film most of the movie on it.

Chakraborty fell in love with Louisville while here for this year's Kentucky Derby. It was a phone call from Mayor Greg Fischer asking Chakraborty what he can do to help pick Louisville as the location that sealed the deal.

"That kind of was the final straw," Chakraborty said. "This film the community plays an important part and I went back to investors and the director and I was like I think Louisville's our town."

When asked about his favorite parts of filming the movie, DeSanctis said, "the food, the comfort, and the ladies."

Director/writer Chris Dowling wrote the original story. It took four years to get the funding. Chakraborty said an "angel investor" finally helped them and he's grateful because it's a story everyone needs to have.

"This isn't a movie about Down syndrome," said Chakraborty. "This is a movie about friendship; it's a movie about perspective, and family."

"It's about being fun showing them who you are and having faith in all the things that you do," DeSanctis said.

Do you want to be in the movie? The biggest shot of the film, the closing scene, is being shot this Saturday, November 2. It takes place at Louisville Slugger Field and they are in need of extras. Just show up at Louisville Slugger Field at 5:45 p.m.

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