2014 season passes to Kentucky Kingdom on sale

Kentucky Kingdom Spokesperson John Mulcahy
Kentucky Kingdom Spokesperson John Mulcahy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky Kingdom is on the fast track to rebuilding ahead of the parks scheduled opening on May 24.

Some familiar sights remain at the park but changes are being made and more are coming. Three roller coasters are being added, one per year for the next three years.

One of those attractions is already gaining national attention. It's name, Lightning Run. Kentucky Kingdom Spokesperson John Mulcahy said, "Lightning Run is going to take you 100 feet straight up and then straight down at an 80 degree angle into a turn.  It's a great coaster and we are very pleased to have it."

Kentucky Kingdom is really putting a lot of their focus on the water park – not only by doubling the size, but adding eight new water attractions, including a one of a kind slide.

"You stand--you are in a chamber and they press a button to give you a three second countdown and then you plunge.  Floor drops out from under you and you just plunge into this slide configuration," said Mulcahy.

While the gates are still shut passes to get inside of Kentucky Kingdom are now on sale.

The 2014 Kentucky Kingdom season passes cost $59.95.

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According to Kentucky Kingdom's website perks of being a season pass holder include free park admission, free rides in the park during the Kentucky State Fair, $1 32 ounce soft drinks and 20 percent off of park food and merchandise.

Mulcahy said, "We made a commitment that would be the most affordable park in the region."

We decided to compare season pass prices to theme parks close by. Kings Island, near Cincinnati, is offering season passes for $160. Season passes for Holiday World, in Santa Claus, Indiana are on sale for $129. 

If you are interested in purchasing a pass, click here.

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