JCPS investigates Instagram pages displaying inappropriate photos of students

Ben Jackey
Ben Jackey
Ben Jackey
Ben Jackey

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Jefferson County Public School officials are investigating reports concerning several inappropriate pictures that were posted on a social media site.

JCPS spokesman Ben Jackey says on Thursday the district became aware there are Instagram pages dedicated to inappropriate pictures of JCPS high school girls. Some are even partially nude, according to a concerned parent who contacted WAVE 3 News.

"There are students that say indeed that the pictures are either of themselves or of their classmates," said Jackey.

It's hard to say how long the pictures have been posted, but long enough for some to have hundreds of followers.

"Thankfully students who knew that something was wrong, that something that shouldn't be done notified parents, notified administrators and the administrators immediately went into action," said Jackey.

Jackey says after contacting Instagram several pages were taken down. While schools conduct their own investigation information is also being turned over to Louisville Metro Police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which could lead to federal and/or state charges.

Jackey hopes students will really start to think before they post and know the consequences.

"What we want parents to do is to continue to reinforce that at home," said Jackey. "This is a horrible situation, it's a terrible situation, but unfortunately it is becoming commonplace across our country."

Once a picture is out there, even the delete button can't help you to erase. That's a message, Jimmy Segar, Eastern High School girls assistant basketball coach hopes is clear.

"You can't go back and get that," said Jackey. "Once it's there, it's gone."

That's why he tells his girls to be smart. "Think about, before you do anything," said Jackey. "Think and if you have to think about then you are doing the wrong thing."

It's unclear how many schools are involved.

Jackey said a letter will be sent home to parents and guardians about the incident.

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