From foal to colt, Zenyatta's firstborn ready to bolt

Published: May. 2, 2014 at 2:41 AM EDT|Updated: May. 2, 2014 at 3:00 AM EDT
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OCALA, FL (WAVE) - Time flew by, when she flew by. Last to first,19 races in a row. Passed every horse she ever faced, except the last one.The beautiful thing about horse racing: it's never over. After Zenyatta retired, she could still make a comeback in the breeding shed.

Born under a full moon, a star on his forehead, he was named Cozmic One. When mom couldn't keep up with her son anymore, it was time to leave the nest of straw, and learn how to fly where foalish pleasure is no longer allowed.

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To reconnect with now 2-year-old Cozmic One, I traveled 6,400 furlongs from Louisville, Kentucky, to Ocala, Florida. Mayberry Farm is the same place Zenyatta was initially trained in 2005.

"He's still young. This is like elementary school, and he's ready to graduate," said April Mayberry.

But elementary school can be boring.

"He's independent, confident, a lot like his mother was at this stage," said Mayberry. "He thinks he's something special. And he is."

Every day, Mayberry watches Cozmic One jog a mile-and-a-half.

"How fast do you punch the accelerator here?," I asked.

"No, not here at this farm," Mayberry said. "We've never asked him for anything other than normal exercise."

They have a Ferrari, but they won't shift past first gear.

"I expected you'd run him three miles today," I said.

"No, he says he's still a baby," Mayberry replied.

This baby has teeth, and he bit me when I got too close. But when girls got too close, he licked their hands.

Zenyatta was a late runner and a late bloomer. She didn't debut until late as a 3-year-old. So don't look for Cozmic One to be leaving Florida and loaded into a starting gate anytime soon. A full-time horse trainer will eventually make all the racing decisions when the Mayberrys turn over Cozmic One. Right now, the 2-year-old tries to make all the decisions.

"He tells you what he wants," said Jeanne Mayberry. "If he wants to go outside, he'll bang on this door. We put him outside. When he wants to come in, he'll walk the fence and tell you, 'It's time for me to come in and have my hay and stuff.'"

It's not much different from what many of us deal with after a surreal birth:

Temper tantrums. Playing in the dirt. Refusing to do what they're told. Then they bite, and they fight every attempt to dress them properly.

But when we turn them loose, the possibilities are endless.

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