Pro Football Hall of Fame Comes to Louisville

Louisville, KY (WAVE) From now through most of the summer months, Canton, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame has come to Louisville. "The pro football hall of fame in Canton, Ohio has lent us 200 of the rarest, most iconic artifacts in their collection," said Frazier History Museum's Communications Coordinator, Patrick Garvey.

Garvey says the best of the N-F-L Hall of Fame has made a home at the Frazier History Museum through August 31st. "We have created basically, the largest traveling exhibition in the world about the game of football," said Garvey during a tour. The exhibit has a little bit of everything from the evolution of the equipment, to the integration of the game, to the best dynasties in the history of the league.

Of course, among the many exhibits is an interactive area where fans can kick field goals, and also test their throwing accuracy. There's just a little something for everybody. "It's just been really cool to see some of your favorite players around, and like history of players my dad would talk about when I was growing up from the '60's and '70's," said Hannah Steen who visiting the exhibit with her boyfriend, Blake Perkins who also enjoyed the exhibit. "I'm a huge NFL football fan. I used to play football, so it's always cool to see how the game's evolved," said Perkins.

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