15-Year-Old Says She Was Kidnapped, Forced Into Prostitution

Published: Nov. 23, 2004 at 10:17 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 14, 2004 at 4:15 PM EST
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By Maureen Kyle

(LOUISVILLE, November 23rd, 2004) -- A Louisville man is in police custody, charged with kidnapping a 15-year-old Campbellsburg girl and forcing her into prostitution. The girl was living with a foster family in Campbellsburg, and disappeared in September. WAVE 3's Maureen Kyle reports.

Millie Proctor remembers the first time she saw the victim. She says she was alone in her diner in Campbellsburg when she says a pretty girl who appeared to be in her teens walked through her door. "You could see her literally shaking when she came through the door. And it wasn't cold. It was 80 degrees outside. She was just -- I've never seen anyone so scared in my life."

The girl sat in the corner of Millie's diner, shuddering with fear. "And I said, well, I'm not busy right now. If you want me to, I'll sit and talk to you.' I fed her, gave her something to drink. She was very scared."

The girl never told Millie her name, but the teenager told her everything else. "I said, 'has somebody hurt you?' And she said, 'yes, they have.' And I said, 'physically, sexually -- how'? She said, 'I've been sexually abused and I'm scared.' And I said, 'do you want me to call somebody?' And she said, 'No, they'll hurt me worse.'"

Millie says she ducked into the kitchen for minute to check on an order, and when she came back, the girl was gone. "And I never knew what happened to her. I went out to look around the block trying to find her, but it's like she disappeared."

The next day, Millie found out the girl had been abducted. "A couple of the coffee drinkers was talking about it, and that's how i heard it. It really upset me. And I knew it was her because they described her."

According to Metro Police, 53-year-old Walter Joseph Brady took the girl against her will. The girl says he raped her and threatened her, over the span of two months, recording most of it on videotape.

The victim told police Brady moved her between Louisville, Indiana and Florida, forcing her to engage in sexual acts with other people for money.

Last week, police received a tip and found the girl in Louisville. After a week of questioning, they arrested Brady late Tuesday afternoon on charges of rape, unlawful imprisonment and promoting prostitution.

Online Reporter: Maureen Kyle

Online Producer: Michael Dever