Men say they have evidence of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass

Published: Jul. 29, 2014 at 1:48 AM EDT|Updated: Sep. 12, 2014 at 3:16 AM EDT
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BEDFORD, KY (WAVE) - The woods of Bedford, Kentucky are filled with countless wonders of nature that will take your breath away.

"I want to show the world what I've seen," exclaimed Rodney Adams, who is a part of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group.

Adams says the small streams and lakes and dense forest of Trimble County are an ideal home for the so-called Bigfoot. Adams knows this is true because he's come face to face with the creature more than once.

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With excitement Adams gave vivid details, "It had hair all over the body other than its face itself. It looked more human than ape-like. It had a very large flat nose, a very wide pronounced nose. Their head is almost like a dome. It was also a very ominous odor. It kind of smells like rotten garbage and wet dog all mixed together."

Tom Shay, the Founder of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group and Trimble County native, knows the beast and its history up close and personal.

"In 1962 in June, they had what they call the big monster hunt in Trimble County. They called it the thing. Several people saw it. They saw it looking in windows. They saw it kill a calf. That summer was terrifying for this community," he said.

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The Associated Press picked the story up and so did many curious tourists who swarmed the tiny town for months. Shay has had his own experience with the beast a time or two.

Shay recalled, "I seen something standing on the side of the road. I thought somebody was hitchhiking at first. This thing was covered in hair. It had to stand at least 7 1/2 foot. It was walking and I got out of my car. Got a flashlight. I followed it into the field and as I was following, it turned on me and growled. I stopped dead in my tracks and said 'what am I doing here?'"

Shay is still in Trimble County chasing the beast. That was just the beginning of a lifelong search that has become more intense with time. The pictures they have taken are not so clear but their memories are vivid. Now decades later Shay and Adams have collected hundreds of footprint casts, blood and hair.

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Adams said, "One of our experts classified it as an unknown primate. Their DNA comes back fairly close to ours when they reference it across the data base of known creatures. They still don't know what it is. It comes back unknown."

Shay and Adams are not driven to prove that Bigfoot or the Trimble County Monster is real.

"I have seen it and I don't have to argue with you cause that's between me and my creator," Shay said.

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The goal for the Research Group is to learn about the creature and share what they have discovered with others.

Shay whispered, "I've seen it, 100 percent convinced. I can tell you they exist and there's no doubt in my mind and we will eventually have enough proof. There's no doubt they exist."

To visit the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group's website, click here.

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