Huge crowd gathers to meet Antonio Sabato Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr. meets fans in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Antonio Sabato Junior and his "Fix it and Finish it" TV and remodeling crew were in Louisville bringing a welcome surprise to a homeowner in need of a backyard renovation on Stoll Avenue near Clifton.

Wednesday night a huge crowd lined up as Sabato Jr. moved from the taping the show to signing autographs and taking pictures with a massive group of fans waiting for him at Barry Wooley Designs on Main Street.

"We had a lady call and ask us after they get dropped off where would their bus park ha and then we realized uh oh, we better get prepared," said Wooley.

They did as hundreds of fans showed up excited about "Fix it and Finish it" and Sabato Junior's appearances on "Dancing with the Stars." But others followed him long before from his soap opera days, to movies and videos even all the way back to his early modeling career for Calvin Klein.

But Sabato Jr. takes his long career road in stride.

As for "Fix it and Finish it" Sabato Jr. calls the show his baby, saying it's his way to help give back to families in need and he said the response in Louisville has been overwhelming.

"We met like the most kind people, big hearts and people have been so kind to just "Fix it and Finish it," to my team, my crew and everybody - and the food is amazing so we really love this town it really is a beautiful place."

Wooley and his crew are doing the design work for another taping of the show Thursday in Louisville.

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