Antonio Sabato Jr. wraps up lengthy Louisville visit

Antonio Sabato Jr. wraps up lengthy Louisville visit

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Rain fell on Stoll Avenue in the Crescent Hill neighborhood Wednesday morning, and it just kept on coming throughout the day, on and off, all over town.

But it didn't matter to Antonio Sabato Jr., who with his crew got some work done early for a family in need of a backyard upgrade, then showed up at Barry Wooley Designs on Main Street to shake hands and greet adoring fans with that Colgate smile that's all over TV these days.

Sabato is wrapping up his several-week stop in Louisville, where he and his team from "Fix It And Finish It" have been helping families turn their home-improvement aspirations into remodeling realities.

"I have a chance to travel in the Midwest and the South and work on people's homes and make their dreams come true," he said Wednesday.

"Fix It And Finish It" is in its first season, and airs each weekday at 2:30 p.m. only on WAVE 3 News. It's not known when the Louisville episodes will air, but judging by the aggressive shooting schedule, it could be a little while, actually.

"We're doing 150 projects across the country in about a year," Sabato said. "That's monumental in the television world. We've done about six years of programming so far."

Sabato spends a few hours shooting at the site each morning, then disappears for a few hours to practice his dance skills for another popular show he's on on another network. By late afternoon, he returns to the site to shoot the big reveal that the crew turned around in mere hours.

"I really take pride in the show," Sabato said. "I don't just say that. This is my baby. This is something that I'm passionate about ... By the time we're done, people are in tears. Good tears."

At the meet-and-greet event at Barry Wooley, Sabato signed every autograph and posed for every photo op with a few hundred fans who waited patiently in line. You'd hardly know he was on the back end of yet another 14-hour day, with another one set to begin the next morning.

The busy schedule has kept Sabato from being able to enjoy the rising restaurant scene here in the River City, but he's been out and about enough to know what the rest of us already do:

"We really love this town. It's really a beautiful place."

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