Police investigate burglaries at storage unit facility

Police investigate burglaries at storage unit facility
Published: Nov. 25, 2014 at 8:42 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 9, 2015 at 8:42 PM EST
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The unit rented by Curt Farrier that was burglarized. (Source: Michael Williams, WAVE 3 News)
The unit rented by Curt Farrier that was burglarized. (Source: Michael Williams, WAVE 3 News)
The point of entry. (Source; Michael Williams, WAVE 3 News)
The point of entry. (Source; Michael Williams, WAVE 3 News)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Detectives in New Albany are investigating after several storage units in one facility were broken into. What makes this crime tough is police aren't exactly sure when it happened. Fortunately, they say they aren't dealing with a trend here. Only the one storage facility has reported break-ins recently.

Curt Farrier said he never worried about the stuff he kept inside his storage unit at Hickoryvale Mini Storage on Scott Road in New Albany. At least that's what he thought until he opened his garage on Saturday.

"I looked around and realized that someone had been in here and couldn't figure out how because I have the only key," said Farrier.

Farrier discovered his unit ransacked. He said the thief got away with 9 mm handgun, about a dozen fishing rods, a tent, some tools, and a laptop computer. In the process, Farrier says some heirlooms were destroyed.

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"My mother brought back four of these from Turkey when she was in the Middle East and they are hand blown," said Farrier.

From the outside looking in there didn't appear to be any forced entry, but it didn't take Farrier to notice they got in through the ceiling. His son soon realized they were not alone.

"He climbed on a dresser and looked up through there and said that every unit that he could see had been broken into," said Farrier.

Farrier immediately called police. While he was the first to report a break-in, it could have happened anytime in the last three to four weeks. Farrier also called the owners of the storage facility to let them know.

"The woman that answered the phone said that she would tell the owner of the property and he would come out and check on that and check it out, so that's the last I heard," said Farrier.

Farrier didn't have insurance on the unit, but says he wished he did. Now he wants to spread to the word about this type of crime.

"I just like to let people know to think about, even if they think they are in a secure facility, that they still might want to insure it because I know that is available," said Farrier.

There were only security cameras at the entrance of the facility. Police say there is no surveillance of the crime taking place because there were no cameras facing the units targeted.

The owners of the storage did not return a call for comment.

Police ask if you have any tips about this crime to give them a call at 812-948-NAPD 812-948-6273).

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