Several interstate lights out on, around Kennedy Bridge

Several interstate lights are out on and around Kennedy Bridge
KYTC spokeswoman Andrea Clifford (Source: WAVE 3 News)
KYTC spokeswoman Andrea Clifford (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – If you plan on using the Kennedy Bridge any time soon to head north at night, you will be depending on your headlights. More than a dozen interstate lights are currently out.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says they try to do monthly inspections to check lights to make sure they are still working.

"Keeping the lights burning on the Kennedy Bridge and all of our interstates and interchanges is definitely a priority," said KYTC spokeswoman Andrea Clifford.

After sunset Friday, WAVE 3 News discovered not one street light in the northbound lanes of the Kennedy Bridge was working. Traveling southbound, there were some lights off, but several were on.

"We can't repair all of them in one single night so we do have to prioritize if we do have some lights burning already at an interchange, but none at a different one, we are going to definitely prioritize the one that doesn't have any illumination is taken care of first," said Clifford.

There were no lights shining bright on north or southbound on the Interstate 65 approach to and from the Kennedy Bridge. Clifford said the bridge lights are the state's responsibility, but as for the approach because of so much construction contractors with the Ohio River Bridges Project are in charge of keeping those lights on.

Clifford said it's been a tough year for KYTC inspectors after thieves targeted interstate lights to steal thousands of feet of copper.

"We've given them a lot of work recently based on replacing copper wire that was stolen from several state lights at various interchanges and they've been trying to replace that and get those lights burning again," she said.

Clifford said because all of the lights northbound on the Kennedy Bridge are out, she believes it could be due to a tripped breaker, so they will be checking on that early next week.

You can report an outage to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet by calling (502) 210-5400.

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