Video shows teacher dragging child along school floor

RAW: Teacher drags 6-year-old down school hallway
Published: Jan. 19, 2015 at 9:54 PM EST|Updated: May. 11, 2015 at 9:20 PM EDT
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SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There is controversy in a local school system after security cameras captured a teacher pulling a 6-year-old student by his arm along the floor of their elementary school. That teacher, who was initially fired, is back in the classroom.

Now, that boy and his parents are talking exclusively to WAVE 3 News. They are outraged over what the teacher did and stunned a review panel overturned the school system's decision to fire her - especially after seeing the video.

On Oct. 29, 2014 security cameras captured teacher, Ashley Silas, dragging the first grader through the halls of Brooks Elementary School in Bullitt County. She had one hand on him and the other on her cell phone as the 6-year-old shifted his limp body to his knees while passing fellow students and teachers.

"She stops, and gets a better grip and then pulls him more," said the students father. 

He asked us to hide his identity, but he didn't hide his emotions as the family walked us through the video.

"I get a sick feeling in my stomach," he said as he watched the video. 

The teacher eventually reaches the office with the 6-year-old. She had one eye on him, the other, still on the cell phone in her hand.

Investigators measure the distance she dragged the student at about 160 feet.

Silas said she had no other choice because the 6-year-old had become disruptive, was threatening another student and refused to walk on his own. His parents said he is diagnosed with ADHD, but can't take medication because of the side effects, and they are working with the school system to improve his behavior.

Silas later told a three member review board, known as a tribunal, she wasn't harming the student and that the boy was enjoying sliding down the hall and being the center of attention.

When we asked the 6-year-old about that, he said he wasn't having fun and did not enjoy being dragged down the hall.

Bullitt County Public Schools Keith Davis fired Silas almost immediately. But in that tribunal she appealed to overturned the decision. It reduced her punishment to a seven week suspension without pay for conduct unbecoming a teacher. 

Now, Silas is back at work making $48,128 reassigned as a floating teacher in classrooms all over Bullitt County. Currently she is assigned as a long term substitute at Bullitt Lick Middle School.

Eric Farris, the attorney for BCPS, said the district did not want to hire her back, but the tribunal appeals system left them no choice.

Farris said the tribunal system was broken "in our opinion it is as it is being implemented today."

"You're dragging a child 160 feet by his wrist, past his peers and other teachers and a parent, who is in the office," Farris said. "I mean in what world is that ok?"

Through her attorney, Jeffrey Walther, Silas declined our interview request.

"Ashley accepts the findings and actions of the tribunal and looks forward to continuing her career in Bullitt County," Walther said.

But all this might not be over for her. Hillview Police are now investigating. Tuesday, the detective assigned to the case will turn his findings over to the Bullitt County Attorney to decide whether criminal charges should be filed.

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