LMPD warns residents after several guns stolen from unlocked cars

Published: Apr. 1, 2015 at 5:12 AM EDT|Updated: Apr. 1, 2015 at 5:32 AM EDT
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The LMPD's 7th Division held a crime prevention meeting to discuss a recent rash of robberies, gun theft, and strategies for block captains to get the community involved in fighting crime.

A rash of burglaries and guns stolen from unlocked cars means police are reminding residents to lock up.


LMPD Sergeant Brimm said he and the Division Seven team have emphasized building a strong relationship with community members. He creates an open dialogue with the community of

Okolona, Fern Creek, Ford

and surrounding areas. This dialogue

includes various websites, crime updates and reports sent to the neighborhood.

Tuesday during a crime prevention meeting in the 7th Division, and LMPD officer asked the crowd, "How many of you have guns in your car?"

According to Brimm, the division has seen an increase in firearm thefts from unlocked cars in the past few months. In one week of February, three firearms were stolen from unlocked vehicles.

Brimm and other officers reminded the community to lock their cars and put an effort into cataloging their personal belongings.

If a resident became a victim of a burglary, police would have a more successful time tracking down their personal property if the information was cataloged. 

"That gun is now part of a criminal element," said Sgt. Brimm. "It can be used for crime, break-ins or worse."

It's what Brimm referred to as a triangle of crime. To help combat the crimes LMPD's 7th Division will participate in an exclusive program during the month of April called Operation Be Vigilant.

Block watch captains are part of this effort and they aren't taking the responsibility lightly.

"We're asking block watch captains and home owners associations to be accountable for their firearms to put them in a place where they cannot be found," he said.

During the meeting police also shared leadership skills for block captains and online resources for neighbors, all to keep the 7th division aware and alert of who's in their backyard. To view LMPD's online safety resources, click here.

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