Economy Inn earns perfect score during health inspection

Economy Inn earns perfect score during health inspection

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - More than a dozen protesters stood outside a troubled motel hoping to get across a strong message.

The Economy Inn, located at 3304 Bardstown Road, failed three straight inspections and needed to pass Monday's inspection to remain open. After about two hours the health inspectors gave the hotel owners a perfect score.

Some opponents fear that score won't change anything.

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"This health inspection and all these health inspections, it is giving us a window to these other illegal activities that are swept under the rug to bring to light," said protester Crystal Bradley.

Neighbors have complained the motel has become a haven for drugs and prostitution. Bradley works for a child care agency that helps abused and neglected youth. She says she knows human trafficking occurs behind closed doors and has personally helped rescue victims.

"They come back to us in drug induced states, things like crack pipe burns all over their body, multiple STDs and they endure trauma that they will never recover from," Bradley said.

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Louisville Metro police said there have been no reported cases of human trafficking at the motel in 2015. Numbers from previous years weren't immediately available.

Owners said the protesters have it wrong. For Duane Turner, the Economy Inn is home and a good one right now. He showed us around his room.

"Since I came here to the Economy Inn I'm very thankful and very grateful that I did have a place to bring my wife and my sons," Turner said.

By Monday afternoon, the owners got the score they were hoping for - a 100 percent on their health inspection, but owner Tony Yaldo said that is just a start. He has already added new cameras, hired a security guard and renovations are in the works.

"We are here to stay and we are here to do right thing," Yaldo said. "We are here to prove to anybody that wants to see it that we are here to do a great job, not only for ourselves but for the community and the people here."

In a press release, Dave Langdon, a spokesman for the Department of Public Health and Wellness, said the facility had corrected all violations that were found in previous inspections.

Matt Rhodes, deputy director of Public Health and Wellness, said, "We will continue to monitor the facility to ensure that it continues to meet health and safety regulations."

The inspection was conducted by Public Health and Wellness officials. Inspectors from the Metro Department of Codes and Regulations were also present.

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