Legal Tips for Auto Insurance


Don't assume that you have "full coverage" on your auto insurance policy.  The term "full coverage" only applies to your vehicle, not you.


Uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) are optional coverages, so your policy is not required to have them.


Unlike most states, UM and UIM coverages are separate in Kentucky, and just having one doesn't automatically mean you have the other.


UM and UIM are important because if you are in an accident and the other party doesn't have insurance, UM will be your only recovery. If you are seriously injured and they only have a small policy, UIM will apply on top of the liability coverage.


Read your policy declarations page carefully. Any mistakes, errors, or omissions in your policy will be applied against you, not against an agent who helped you get the policy or the company which issued it.