High school junior takes great-grandmother to prom

High school junior takes great-grandmother to prom

CROTHERSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Prom is a rite of passage that includes the perfect dress, the perfect date and memories to last a lifetime.

Katie Keith has already been to one prom. "I even went to mine back in 1940," she said. Then the dance was a waltz and the dress was less elaborate. "Nobody had formals," she said. "We all just went in our going-to-church dresses and what we had."

Friday, it was great-grandson Drew's turn at Crothersville Junior-Senior high. "She asked me if I was going to prom and I said no," said Drew Holm. "She's like, 'Why not?' and I was like, 'I don't have anyone to take and I could care less about it.'"

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Keith said, "I said, 'Well, I've got a dress, I'll go with you.' I was just joking you know."

But Drew was serious. Keith said he came over later to formally ask her. "He said, 'Will you go to prom with me?' I said, 'Drew, my goodness, I don't want to go to the prom with you. Surely you can find a real cute girl to go with you.'"

Holm said, "She was like, 'No, go find someone prettier.' I was like, 'No, I can't do that. You're the prettiest woman.'"

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Drew had to get a special exception from school administrators. "They said the age limit was 21 so I had to talk to the principal about it and stuff."

He also had a formal invitation delivered to her house and Katie gave in.

"I thought, 'If that kid wants me to go to the prom that bad, I'll go, the heck with it,'" she said.

Friday came, and with a corsage in hand, Drew took his 93-year-old great-grandmother to a high school dance.

"Everybody got up, you know, and they were doing this shuffle thing," Keith said, "and Drew said to me, 'Let's dance, grandma. Will you dance?' I said, 'Sure.' So him and I got out there and shuffled right along with them."

Since their story has come out, Drew's heard from plenty of people impressed with the young man and his show of respect.

But it was never really about that. It was about a great-grandson and his great grandmother, the bond they share and a date that will be hard to top when senior prom comes along.

"Maybe if she's still there, I'll probably take her again," Holm said.

Keith had other ideas, "Enough for me. One's enough, yes."

By the way, Drew has a girlfriend. They started dating in the time between

Drew asking Katie to go with him and prom night last Friday. He took Katie anyway and met up with the girlfriend at the after party.

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