Terry Fultineer (Source: Doug Druschke, WAVE 3 News)
Terry Fultineer (Source: Doug Druschke, WAVE 3 News)
Pat Malone (Source; Doug Druschke, WAVE 3 News)
Pat Malone (Source; Doug Druschke, WAVE 3 News)
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Looking at the Louisville Clock takes Terry Fultineer back in time.
"This is one of my earliest childhood memories," he said.
Fultineer was just a kid when his grandmother took him to the unveiling at the River City Mall in 1976.
"She took me shopping that day and bought me a little Hot Wheel," Fultineer said. "I mean, I remember everything about that day because it was just such an exciting thing to see at 4 years old."
Fultineer's grandmother is now gone, and now terry worries this may be the last time he'll see the Louisville Clock. Piece by piece, the timepiece is being taken apart and hauled away to Pat Malone's storage space in Portland. Malone is the owner of Adkins Export Packers & Machinery Movers, the company hired for the project. 
"You want to protect it as much as you can because it's pretty intricate," Malone said. 
But there is another reason why Malone is being so careful, the clock was made by one of his friends.
"I'm 64 and it was in my early 20s when I met Barney Bright when he was doing this," Malone recalled.
The clock has been plagued by problems - from malfunctions to funding. The massive clock has been moved several times before from one part in the city to another. It spent several years in storage. This time it's being moved to make way for Kindred Healthcare's expansion.
"I hope that they put it somewhere where people can really enjoy it. I think it would be a great tribute to Barney," Malone said.
The city isn't certain about its future, but Fultineer says this piece of Louisville hiSTORY shouldn't be left in the past.
"I love seeing it up and I love seeing the race," he said.
A spokesperson with the Louisville Downtown Partnership says as of right now, they don’t have the funding to fix and relocate the clock. Rebecca Matheny said they would like to see it back up in an enclosed space to keep it out of the elements, but they do not have a list of possibilities yet. There is no telling how long the clock will remain in storage.
The clock’s removal cost $10,000 and was paid for with private funds. No way to tell how long it will be in storage.
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