WAVE 3 News Editorial - September 15, 2015: Character Day

WAVE 3 News Editorial - September 15, 2015: Character Day

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Character development will be celebrated throughout the world this Friday - Character Day. It is certainly a very good time to stop and reflect, and then accelerate efforts to build character in our communities.

Twenty years ago the Indiana Legislature approved one of this nation's first mandates for good citizenship, requiring 13 character qualities be taught in Indiana schools - with special emphasis on honesty, morality, courtesy, obedience of law, respect for parents, the home, the national flag, the constitution, and the dignity and necessity of honest labor.

Kentucky approved a character mandate 15 years ago and right now 18 states require character education and 18 others highly recommend teaching it.
Character development is also carried out in communities. Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati boasts a model "community of character" movement and eight states have legal declarations to be "states of character."

Promoting character values in our homes and in our workplace is something we can all, and should all do. Ethical and engaged citizens lead to a just and caring world. Our nation needs more of them.

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