Caught On Video: Suspects shown in violent robbery

Caught on video: Suspects shown in violent robbery

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The victim of a violent attempted robbery is recovering at University Hospital after being shot in the jaw and neck Friday morning.

David Bryant is a 44-year-old father of four.

"No one deserves this," Bryant's brother, Tony Stotts, said. "But him out of all people, especially if you know him. It happened to the wrong person."

Added his sister, Margie Sanders: "He's a loving, caring person. He'd do anything for anyone. He'd give the shirt off his back."

Sanders was driving past the 7th Street Food Mart at 7th and Central Avenue when she saw police surrounding the store where her brother works. She immediately pulled over the car.

"I thought, 'My brother's probably going to die,'" Sanders said. "He had blood everywhere and I just went hysterical."

Video taken from a security camera shows two armed men coming into the store. During the attempted robbery, David Bryant was shot through his neck and jaw.

"I can't sleep," Sanders said. "I just picture it over and over and over."

His family remains at his side in the hospital, praying he recovers. Doctors said that process will take weeks if not months.

"I don't see how one human being can shoot another human being down like that," Sanders said. "Then they left with nothing. My brother is fighting for his life for nothing."

Stotts and Sanders said they're worried the same robbers could attack another store if they're not caught.

"What's to say that they won't go and rob again and do it to someone else's family," Stotts said. "The next time it could be worse. He's fighting for his life but thank God he's still here with us."

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