Bullitt teacher charged with dragging child acquitted

Bullitt teacher charged with dragging child acquitted

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Bullitt County jury has found elementary school teacher accused of dragging a student not guilty.

Ashley Silas was charged with fourth degree assault. The jury also found her not guilty of harassment.

Her defense attorney, Brian Butler told jurors the child was aggressive, misbehaved and called him a "problem child."

He said Silas is protected by a Kentucky law that gives teachers the option of using force to maintain control in the classroom.

"Under Kentucky law a teacher has legal right to use force to maintain discipline and control in the classroom," Butler said.

Butler said Silas's actions aren't criminal and said the jury's decision points to support for teachers.

"I think they said we support you we understand that you're dealing on the front lines with the problems in society," Butler said.

Butler said the real issue, is student behavior in the classroom.

He said, "Where have we gone in society that a teacher a child will drop to the ground refuse to walk assault other children and she takes him to the office and we're gonna call her the criminal?"

Silas took the stand and defended her actions by saying she needed to remove the boy from the rest of her students and that he "enjoyed" being dragged.

The child's parents have a different version of what happened and believe Silas should have asked for help. They said they jury's verdict was shocking.

"I guess they're saying its alright to pull a 35 pound little boy, 140-50-60 whatever feet," the student's father said.

The incident happened in October 2014 at Brooks Elementary School and came to light after the boy's father asked for a review of security video.

"It makes you feel sick really.It could happen to someone else's child," the student's father said.

Silas was accused of dragging the 6-year-old about 160 feet through the halls. She said the boy was being disruptive on the playground and she was taking him to the principal's office.

Bullitt County Superintendent Keith Davis fired Silas for what happened. The firing was overturned by a tribunal.

Silas continues to be a teacher in Bullitt County. The school district does not have another recourse.

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