Woman arrested after crashing car into ER entrance

Woman arrested after crashing car into ER entrance

COLUMBUS, IN (WAVE) - A woman was arrested Sunday after she intentionally crashed her vehicle into an emergency room entrance, police said.

Columbus police were dispatched to 27th Street and Chestnut Street at 4:22 Sunday afternoon on a call of a "hit and run" crash, according to a news release from the Columbus Police Department. The victim told police that a black Honda Civic had intentionally struck her vehicle several times causing minor damage before fleeing the scene. The victim was not hurt.

At 4:50 p.m., an off-duty officer in the Columbus Regional Hospital parking lot saw a black Honda Civic drive into the glass doors of the emergency room entrance, back up and crash into the doors again. The car then sped away.

Officers followed the suspect and used a "rolling roadblock" to box in the suspect a short time later. The suspect's vehicle struck two police cars during the chase.

A hospital valet driver standing in the hospital entryway was uninjured during the crash. Another man standing near the entrance was slightly injured from flying glass, police said.

The woman is in custody and currently undergoing a mental health evaluation. Police are investigating.

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