Old Louisville residents seeing an increase in crime

Old Louisville residents seeing an increase in crime

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Some community members in Old Louisville say they are concerned the neighborhood is seeing an increase in crime.

One man, who didn't wish to be identified for safety reasons, said Wednesday night he caught to people trying to break into his car and he caught it on video.

"I said 'Excuse me, what the hell are you doing with my car,'" he said. "They shot out like a rock."

He recently put up cameras on the outside of his apartment.

"It's just getting dangerous out here," he said. "It's getting crazy."

Jeremy Dean said he's lived in Old Louisville for two years and has seen an increase in crime, too.

"You're always hearing gun shots and stuff," Dean said. "It's getting, you know, I think it's bad."

The Louisville Metro Police Department has a crime mapping tool online, which shows most arrests in the area are for drugs, assaults and thefts.

The crime mapping points out a couple hot spots, including the Kroger on 2nd Street, which in the past three weeks, has had at least eight thefts or robberies.

Dean said he experienced one a couple months ago in that store.

"The lady came on over the thing talking about there's a guy with a gun upfront, and I got my kid with me. It's kind of like, 'Get back,'" Dean said.

"I just don't want to be around it, which is why I moved to Old Louisville," Bonnie Jennings, who has lived in Old Louisville for 15 years, said. "It's becoming the new West End."

Jennings said the community needs help.

"Community awareness, but mainly more influx of police presence," Jennings said. "That's
the only thing that's going to deter it."

"We do need help out here," the man who caught the break-in attempt said. "Something has to happen. We've got to take care of this some way."

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