Suspect injected heroin before committing numerous thefts, Clark County detectives say

Suspect injected heroin before committing numerous thefts, Clark County detectives say

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - A Southern Indiana couple is behind bars, linked to numerous burglaries in several counties.

Clark County Sheriff's officials said Landon Rothbauer, 35, would target homes, storage units and businesses, using the help of his girlfriend, 33-year-old Errin Knight on some of those occasions.

Now, following the discovery of truckloads of stolen property, the basement of the Clark County Sheriff's Office looks like deputies are getting ready for a yard sale. They recovered the items after a search warrant led them inside the home Rothbauer and Knight share.

"A lot of times we will be able to tie in one case and get a little bit of property back, but whenever you can get this amount of property from so many burglaries, this is a good hit for us," Det. Sgt. Nick Mobley said.

Investigators said the stolen items are from storage units, homes, businesses and even construction sites. Capt. Scottie Maples said the thieves pawned some of the items to feed a drug habit, but others kept some for themselves.

"They were actually taking the home furnishings and decorating their house with them, which is very unusual,"  Maples said. "We located dressers, home goods, even up to fake plants that they were decorating their own house with that belonged to other people."

Detectives said they received numerous tips about a couple inside a red Dodge truck. Maples said Rothbauer would even wear a security jacket and carry a fake gun, while breaking into storage units, so he wouldn't look suspicious.

"The information that he gave to us was he was using that gun because he felt like he was eventually going to confront somebody," Mobley said.

Sunday night, Rothbauer and Knight were the ones confronted.

"Prior to committing a burglary, he would have to shoot up heroin to gain courage to be able to do it," Maples said of Rothbauer, who told investigators he knew he'd be caught eventually. "Also, at the time of his arrest, he was shooting heroin up while we arrested him."

Detectives encourage people in the area to check their storage units in case there are other victims.

Anyone who thinks he's a victim of a burglary is urged to call Mobley at (812) 283-4471, extension 3144.

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