Bullitt County Sheriff says he's forced to cut services

Bullitt County Sheriff says he's forced to cut services
Published: Dec. 15, 2015 at 10:49 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 30, 2016 at 1:22 AM EST
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SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Bullitt County Sheriff said he has no choice but to cut law enforcement services in 90 days because of a budget battle. 

State law states the sheriff's office must only provide courtroom security, national tax collection, warrant serving and collision response. That's what would be left, if there is no agreement reached. 

Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell said he knows this is not a good idea, but said he has no choice. He said trying to stay afloat has been difficult for some time now.

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"Our audits are great, there is no misspending, I challenge anybody to find one dollar that has been misspent or bought off for magic beans or what have you," Greenwell said. "We've been scratching by just to try to exist."

Greenwell said some of his deputies don't have proper vests and holes in their boots and uniforms, but right now that's the least of their problems. Patrol cars were in such bad shape earlier this year, he said he had to do something.

"They got mad, I leased 12 cars," Greenwell said. "Our cars were falling apart literally. They were dangerous for the public and my deputies."

On Tuesday, the sheriff told the Bullitt County Fiscal Court, that his office will no longer provide law enforcement services to the county in about three months time.

"Bottom line is it can be done, an agreement can be reached by them," Greenwell said "All they have to do is be willing to drop their pride, suck it up, help us out, help me keep it in the blue."

He said he's asking for two things: A plan in writing to pay off the deficit, as well as an additional $250,000 added to his budget. He believes an $850,000 budget is a fair amount when you compare to other similar Kentucky counties.

"You can only do what you can afford to do," Greenwell said. "That's the way it operates in all of our homes."

He said this battle is all for political reasons and fears the people who elected them all to office will be the ones to pay in the end.

"I hope they come to their senses real quick because in the end the people suffer," Greenwell said.

WAVE 3 News tried numerous times to get in touch with Judge Executive Melanie Roberts, but she dodged us at the courthouse for comment. All four magistrates did not return a call for an interview. 
Sheriff Greenwell said he will prepare a new budget with only minimal services to present to the court in two weeks.

Greenwell said he will retire once his term is complete.

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