WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - December 17, 2015: Oldham County Alcohol

Lynn Traylor, concerned Oldham Co. citizen
Lynn Traylor, concerned Oldham Co. citizen

By Lynn Traylor
Concerned Oldham Co. Citizen

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In a guest editorial earlier this week, Scott Whitehouse of the Oldham County Expanded Alcohol Sales Committee urged the voters of Oldham County to expand alcohol sales. Once again, we are being told that in order to provide greater business opportunities and economic development, expanding the availability of alcohol is necessary. This was the same argument made by the Chamber of Commerce in 2004 when voters approved limited sales of alcohol, making Oldham County a "moist" county.

Mr. Whitehouse cites the increased revenues of Danville, KY in light of their expanded alcohol sales, touting the benefits to that city of more dollars coming in. Of course there are more dollars - Danville is twice as big as LaGrange, our county seat town.

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We are asked to believe that expanding alcohol sales is needed to help achieve economic growth. With the advantages of our interstate, the workforce resources of neighboring counties, and the availability of real estate for businesses and industries to locate in our county, I find it difficult to believe that we have exhausted all avenues of economic development other than more alcohol sales. How many more times must the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development folks ask we as voters to go to the well of wine and drink to seek to accomplish real economic development?
Voters of Oldham County, this is an historic vote. We as voters in Oldham County get to decide what price we are willing to pay to secure the future of our county, and what kind of lifestyle we leave our children and grandchildren to experience. Let's tell the Oldham County Expanded Alcohol Sales Committee and the Chamber of Commerce we expect better in Oldham County than to simply default to more alcohol sales to meet our economic challenges. More booze … we all lose!

I encourage us to go the polls in Oldham County and make a clear choice for the good of our families vote "No" on December 29.

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