Tech company likes Metro Council's move on Google Fiber

Tech company likes Metro Council's move on Google Fiber
El Toro (Source: WAVE 3 News)
El Toro (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Super fast internet for Louisville got a green light from the Louisville Metro Council on Thursday, clearing hurdles for Google Fiber to come to town.  

Google Fiber is so much faster, if a decision is made to put it in Louisville it will save companies time and money. 

"We've recruited employees here in the last six months from Portland and Las Vegas," El Toro President Stacy Griggs said.

Walking in the doors of the Louisville tech company, it's easy to see why its 30 young professionals want to be at El Toro.

"Every tech company has to have kegs of beer," Griggs smiled pointing to his bar.

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This tech company that invented and has four patents pending for better ways to target internet advertising also has a major bourbon selection for clients to get a taste of Kentucky and for workers too if they choose. On break, you can hit the ping pong table, the gym or get into a visual perception game of SET. To feel at home at work, you can bring your dog or your guitar. The only thing that might make this tech company better says Griggs? Google Fiber.

"We don't have great connectivity and the connectivity we have is much more expensive than in other parts of the country."

Griggs said not only is Google Fiber cheaper in markets like Kansas City, the service the company now pays a couple hundred dollars a month for is 1/100 of the speed of Google Fiber. When clients e-mail something big there's no time guarantee with the current internet service.

"It can take five minutes, an hour or several hours," Griggs said. 

Carter Mackowiak runs statistical and data analysis for El Toro and said getting Google Fiber would be big.

"It will definitely make it faster and easier to process stuff," he said, "a lot of times I'll be downloading these large files and it just takes a long time to come through and it would be nice to have it real quick." 

Griggs said while many tech companies already like the low cost business environment here and how friendly the community is, he said the city must do better on connectivity and Google Fiber could be the answer. 

"This puts us on par with other great cities from a connectivity standpoint like Austin or Seattle," he said. 

Griggs believes the concerns of outages and safety expressed by companies like AT&T and Time Warner aren't the only concerns, he thinks competition is also on their mind. When it comes to competition, Griggs believes it's a win for the consumer as service will get better and cost will go down.

Google Fiber is still exploring the idea of coming to Louisville. A company spokesman said they are supportive of the Metro Council's measure.

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