Stress can be dangerous for pregnant women, unborn babies

Stress can be dangerous for pregnant women, unborn babies

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Most of us deal with stress every day. But if you're pregnant, is it dangerous for moms-to-be and unborn babies?

When faced with stressful situations, a pregnant woman's body goes into 'fight or flight' mode, releasing hormones like cortisol.

Constant stress can alter the body's stress management system, causing it to go into overdrive and trigger an inflammatory response.

Inflammation has been linked to health problems in women and developmental problems in babies down the road.

Dr. Sujatha Reddy, M.D., from Premier Care for Women said there are ways a pregnant woman can relax and lower her stress level. They include drinking a cup of hot tea, taking a warm bath, or specific learning breathing techniques.

She said pregnant women who are sitting down can have a higher heart rate than a non-pregnant person who is jogging.

New data suggests stress can also result in pre-term labor or delivering a smaller baby.

If you're pregnant, Dr. Reedy recommends making time for yourself, going on a walk, catching a movie or finding a quiet place to get away.

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