UofL Trustees meeting gets heated between Ramsey, board

RAW: UofL Trustees meeting gets heated between Ramsey, board

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Tuesday's University of Louisville Board of Trustee meeting got heated when board members came out of executive session.
"We were told there would be a second nuclear bomb," President Ramsey said after several board members read prepared statements expressing their lack of confidence in President Ramsey's leadership abilities.
Jody Prather and Emily Bingham both asked for a no confidence vote to push for Ramsey's removal as president of the University of Louisville. According to the board, the vote would put on the record that board members don't believe in Ramsey's ability to lead, but it would be up to Ramsey to step down. 
"Since I joined the board, our work has been made nearly impossible by a series of crisis either caused by or made worse by the current administration," Dr. Bingham said. "I regretfully express my loss of confidence in President Ramsey's leadership of this vital public university.  
"I'm concerned with the president's current decision making approach, which I and others consider to be non-collaborative and unilateral in nature, as a result, I now propose and move that those members of the board of trustees of the University of Louisville voting on the affirmative in this motion, no longer have confidence in the leadership of this current administration and President James Ramsey," Dr. Prather said.

The statements were supported by some members like Craig Greenberg, but infuriated others, like Robert Benson and Bruce Henderson, especially because the statements weren't on the agenda and legally, not able to be voted on according to the board's counsel. 
"This 'gotcha' stuff has gotta stop," demanded Benson. 

Board member Robert Hughes, a UofL graduate with two children studying there as well, even suggested the Governor replace the entire board of trustees.

"It's President Ramsey that's under attack," Hughes said, "and I don't think you have grounds for your motion Jody on the basis of facts, what's fractured here is not the president. We are a broken board and I think the governor should ask for every one of our resignations."
"I'm tired of all the things happening behind the scenes Craig," Henderson said, "bring them to the board!"
Craig Greenberg fired back, "this is the time to have this discussion!"
Several board members implied one of Greenberg's relatives were interested in becoming the next university president, which was the real motive for trying to bring a no confidence vote against Ramsey, but Greenberg said he had "no idea" what Hughes was implying. 
"I expected that answer," Hughes said. 
"There's a road block every time we try to have a meaningful discussion," Board member Douglass Hall said, "today we got our views out there even though it's not really on the record, you guys see it, Hopefully we can move forward."
The no confidence vote will take place next month.

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