Decision on sheriff's budget tabled in Bullitt Co.

Published: Mar. 2, 2016 at 5:36 AM EST|Updated: Mar. 9, 2016 at 11:08 AM EST
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BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – After nearly four hours, the Bullitt County Fiscal Court tabled the decision on the budget for the Bullitt County Sheriff.

The meeting Tuesday evening was standing room only, with many of those lining the walls being members of the sheriff's department staff.

When it got to the budget item, the meeting was very contentious with some audience members directly asking Q&A of the magistrates, the county attorney and the sheriff.

The people in the crowd begged the court something be done and to not let the March 14 end of law enforcement deadline pass. Many did not want the court to table this issue again.

There is no meeting between Tuesday and the 15, but the county attorney advised that if both sides agreed to the proposal being presented, attorneys would get in touch with one another and they could call an emergency meeting of fiscal court with 24 hour notice.

The vote on the budget issue was tabled 4-1, with Dennis Mitchell, Gary Lawson, Joe Laswell and Joe Rayhill voting yes to table and Judge Executive Melanie Roberts voting no.

The discussion was made to table it for Greenwell's attorney to review it.

Later Greenwell addressed the meeting. He admitted the issue did not have to wait for attorney review, because the attorney he had advised said he couldn't work on an issue like this, so Greenwell would be forced to take out a home equity loan and hire a former US Attorney to fight this. And once he got that $25,000 out- he'd follow through to make sure it was returned to him.

Greenwell was adamant the issue could be handled Tuesday night if they would just agree and sign the proposal to cover the costs of some $638,000.

People in the crowd asked how the deficit occurred. Greenwell explained it was due to spending, errors on his part and of that of the fiscal court. He also mentioned items like subpoena services no longer being paid to Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

Greenwell said he would never come back to the court and ask for budget help and that he would give his word unless something unforeseen occurred.

Capt. Mike Murdoch spoke passionately about the return on investment the county gets instead of paying $3 million annually for a county police department. Former sheriff Paul Parsley also spoke, saying it would be a shame for the law enforcement division to end.

One of the speakers asked up was Bullitt County clerk Kevin Mooney. Greenwell wanted Mooney to explain how the 2010 census effected the funding for the clerk's office and the sheriff's office.

Mooney made it clear when he walked up to the podium he knew the clerk's budget, but not the sheriff's. He also mentioned he had tried to stay out of this fight and tried to avoid being put in the middle of the situation.

The 2010 for Bullitt census put the population of 74,319, Mooney said. According to statute set by the state Office of Local government, Mooney explained accounting processes change for counties with less than or more than a 70,000 person population.

Mooney explained they operate with two different funding pools – 75 percent of the budget and 25 percent of the budget. He said the billing at his office operates like that, just as BCSO.

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