Anonymous Facebook page working to expose Louisville drug dealers

Anonymous facebook page working to expose Louisville drug dealers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An anonymous Facebook group is on a mission to expose heroin and drug dealers in WAVE Country.

The parents behind the page have all been touched by heroin addiction in some way.

After one parent was offered the drug online, they decided to take action and created "Heroin Dealers Exposed," a page for community members to submit tips and expose dealers. The administrators of the page also do their own investigating after suspected dealers offer them drugs on a number of profiles.  
"They're offering me drugs within six sentences I can't imagine what a young girl would face online," one of the page administrators said.

The parents want to remain anonymous but spoke exclusively to WAVE 3 News about their discoveries online.

"I got on Facebook and I was amazed at what you could find," one of the parents said.
Their goal is to create a list of the communities biggest drug dealers and then expose those selling on social media.

"If you spend five minutes on Facebook looking into heroin you will be shocked," one parent said.

The page's administrators take tips using an anonymous form. Then they send their own findings to Louisville area police agencies.

Other parents said they are getting behind the page too, hoping to fight back against a drug that has taken family members from them.

"It could be any day I get that dreaded phone call that this time they didn't make it," another parent who assists with the Heroin Dealers Exposed page said.
For this parent they said the page is a way to gain some control when their child's heroin addiction had life spinning out of control.

"It made me feel I had a way, an outlet to help when I felt so helpless," the parent said.
"It's not just about the list. It's about helping the community too," the page administrator said.

La Grange Police said they are appreciative of community driven tips, but in order to act on the tips, their department must conduct their own investigation on each tip they get.

The Louisville Metro Police Department said they prefer people use the departments own tip line, (502) 574-LMPD.
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