Lawsuit filed against Trump following Louisville rally

Lawsuit filed against Trump following Louisville rally

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - "Get out of here. Get out. Out, out out," Trump yelled during a rally in Louisville March 1.

Statements like that and, "Get them the hell out," have now gotten him in hot water in the Derby city.

"My clients were attacked by supporters of Mr. Trump after he told them to 'Get them out of here,'" Louisville attorney, Daniel Canon said during a press conference Friday morning.

A University of Louisville student who was forcibly removed while protesting at Donald Trump's rally in Louisville is one of three people who Canon now represents in a lawsuit against the Republican frontrunner. Canon said this is the only such lawsuit against Trump he has heard of.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Jefferson Circuit Court on behalf of Kashiya Nwanguma, Molly Shah and Henry Brousseau, claims Trump and his campaign incited a riot, did not make an effort to suppress offense speech such as racial and ethnic slurs, and were grossly negligent and reckless by allowing a group of Trump supporters to provide security.

Brousseau is a high school student. Nwanguma is a college student. Shah is a special education teacher.

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Nwanguma is also suing two men, Matthew Heimbach and Alvin Bamberger - who were seen forcing her out of the rally on a cell phone video, for assault and battery.

"You should not go to the political rally of the likely nominee of the Republican party and expect to be attacked by neo-nazis," Shah said.

Heimbach, one of the men named in the lawsuit, is a self proclaimed traditionalist who has publicly admitted he is racist.

"I was punched in the stomach by a white supremacist," Brousseau said.

Bamberger is a Korean War Veteran who was caught on camera at the rally. He later apologized for his behavior.

"If these people are so comfortable with assaulting me on camera, I'd be really scared to see what they would do when there's no cameras around," Nwanguma said.

The lawsuit does not mention police, or any other security agency.

They are seeking punitive damages.

"If I say don't hurt them, then the press says, well then Trump isn't as tough as he used to be. Can you believe this? Get them out of here," Trump said at the Louisville rally.

In the past, Trump has offered to pay the legal fees of his supporters.

One attorney said this lawsuit will be a good test.

"When he's also saying is that he's going to pay legal fees for the defense of people who physically attack these folks. We can find out now in this lawsuit whether Mr. Trump wants to pay the legal fees of the male white supremacist who attacked the black lady," Attorney Greg Belzley said.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages for physical injuries, emotional distress, humiliation and mental anguish, in addition to other relief to which they may be entitled. Just how much, they said they haven't decided.

Attorneys believe the lawsuit will not come to a resolution before the presidential election.

Canon would not say if he or his team have had talks with other people who claim to have been assaulted at Trump rallies in other states.

The Trump campaign and Heimbach have not responded to our inquiries about the lawsuit.

Meanwhile the Louisville Metro Police Department said they are still investigating the alleged reports of assault.

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