Former corrections officer sentenced for having sex with inmate

Former corrections officer sentenced for having sex with inmate

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A former Clark County corrections officer was sentenced after he admitted to having sex with an inmate.

Dalton Warfield, 25, pleaded guilty last month to one count of sexual misconduct by a service provider, a class 5 felony. He was sentenced to one year home incarceration, followed by three years probation.

This sentencing comes as the Clark County Jail docuseries "60 Days In" plays out on TV.

Sheriff Jamey Noel said he agreed to do the show in an effort to end crime and corruption behind bars.

This latest case was one of three arrests of jail employees since Noel took office.

Warfield walked out of court after a judge handed down a four year sentence not behind bars. This comes after he admitted to having sex with an inmate while he was employed at the Clark County Jail.

His attorney Larry Wilder said Warfield regretted that decision and is ready to move on and focus on his family as his second child is on the way.

"He and his wife are together, they resolved their turmoil that an event like this would cause for young people who are married. He is working in a factory setting and seems to enjoy the job and his providing for his family, which is a reflection of what the plea agreement set out," Wilder said.

In the past year, Warfield is one of three former jail employees who ended up on the other side of the law.

In March of 2015, corrections officer Toni Hopson was arrested and accused of having a relationship with an inmate and smuggling in drugs and cell phones into the jail. One month prior, jail nurse practitioner Denise Brooks was charged with forging prescriptions for inmates to get medication for herself.

While these cases aren't highlighted in the A&E series, it's one of the reasons Noel signed up for the show, which follows fake inmates in a very real setting. Noel said when he was elected in 2014 a big priority for him was cleaning up the jail.

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"We did a lot of work in the very beginning, but we've got a lot more to improve upon," Noel said.

The seventh episode of "60 Days In" will air on Thursday.

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