5 questions with the owner of MexA Steak Tacos

Published: Apr. 7, 2016 at 8:20 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 8, 2016 at 8:09 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We've reported on the new Doc Cantina's opening on the Ohio River, which calls itself Mex Mex. There's another new Mexican restaurant opening on Friday in St. Matthews called MexA Steak Tacos, at 3701 Lexington Road.

I am thrilled about this because I crave Mexican food at least once a week. MexA Steak Tacos is more of a fast casual concept. Tacos are cooked-to-order, sides are fresh and margaritas are on the menu, made with Herradura tequila in two flavors: Paloma margarita and the tamarind margarita.

What's most unusual about the tacos at MexA Tacos though is you can't get them with chicken. Only steak or veggies. 

Here now are my five questions with the owner of MexA Steak Tacos, Lorena Casas.
1. Why do you serve only steak tacos?
Where I'm from in Mexico, a city called Monterrey, tacos mainly are made with steak. That is how I always ate and enjoyed tacos. Just offering steak allows us the opportunity for exploration because of all the combination of ingredients, flavors, textures, colors and sizes of each steak taco. I wanted to offer such a unique and simple experience and become the place that would specialize and would offer one thing, the best steak tacos.

2. This is your first foray into the restaurant business. Why did you want to do this?
After I got to Louisville, I started throwing birthday parties, taco night parties with friends or holiday parties. I found that friends were liking and accepting my tacos, someone told me once, 'hey, you should open a taco place,' and here I am some years later.

3. What taco would you suggest everyone try at MexA Tacos?
I'd totally recommend the Lorena's, this is from Monterrey. This is a simple but delicious taco in a flour tortilla (which by the way we cook right there in front of you as you order) with a melted bed of cheese, steak and topped with fresh guacamole, my other two second choices would be the Crunchy Cheese and the Sonora.

4. Who taught you how to make tacos?
My Dad. Every Sunday my dad has always done a carne asada (Mexican barbeque) with the larger family, probably around 30 people. I was always the one that would be close to him and my mom, learning how to cook, how to prepare salsas, how to prepare the steak and how to prepare and enjoy tacos. And my husband, he is a taco fan, so he has kept me practicing in these past years since we arrived to Louisville.

5. What's been the biggest challenge when it comes to opening a new business?
Not to give up. It's a long process and a lot of distractions and complications day after day occur. I had to remind myself where I was going and what I wanted to accomplish to overcome this challenge.

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