5 questions with milliner Kenzie Kapp

Published: Apr. 13, 2016 at 2:38 AM EDT|Updated: Apr. 13, 2016 at 12:43 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - I don't mean to freak you out, but you have just three weeks to get your outfits ready for Oaks and Derby - Yikes!

I do know that I'm going to wear a hat by Louisville milliner Kenzie Kapp on Oaks Day.

To me her hats are like fun fairy tales, filled with imagination and whimsy. She works tirelessly the weeks before Derby creating her masterpieces in "The Mill" located behind the restaurant Le Moo off Lexington Ave. It's a space filled with vibrant colors.

When you talk to Kenzie about your hat, she often closes her eyes and you can see the artist at work, designing your hat in her mind. Her hands fly around describing where feathers or flowers might go. 

Kenzie was born and raised in Louisville. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design Specializing in Fashion Design from the accredited University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (D.A.A.P.).

She moved back to Louisville from Las Vegas in 2008 to launch Kenzie Kapp hats. Many WAVE Country women are grateful she did. She also offers a summer camp where campers learn how to create their own hats.

Here are my five questions with Kenzie Kapp:

1) Do you pick out the hat or dress first?
I consider the entire look. It's essential that the hat and dress flow well together. It would be a total fail to have an amazing hat and a terrible outfit! Everything must be in unison from head-to-toe! The hat should be able to stand alone; however, I always suggest finding a dress first, because most women are familiar and comfortable with shopping for a dress.

2) Do styles of hats go in/out of fashion?
For me personally no because I like Vintage, old school things. "What's old to some is new to others."

3) Are there any rules of thumb to follow when choosing a hat? For instance, if you're petite should you stay away from a large hat?
I think if you are petite you have to be careful you don't want to look like a mushroom or like the hat is wearing or eating you. If you are taller you can get away with more. Face shape, hair color, skin tones, everything plays a part.

4) How long does an average hat take you?
On average three to six hours; however, larger and more intricate headpieces can take up to eight hours plus.

5) How many hats will you design and construct this Derby Season?
I leave the numbers to my accountant! My only goal is to get to Churchill Downs and feel at peace and good about every head I touched.

To learn more about Kenzie Kapp, visit her website by clicking here.

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